• Individuals with disabilities account for around 1% of the World’s population
  • One in five people in the UK live with a disability. It is predicted that by 2035, the number of disabled drivers or passengers will increase to 2.7 million
  • According to the WSJ, during the Russian military aggression, the number of Ukrainians who were left without one or more limbs or legs reached 50 thousand

Available eWAV in the whole World

Elbee ICE

Czech Republic
1 seat petrol


Peugeot Rifter EV

4 seats, 270 km range


Kenguru EV

1 seat, 70 km range


Citroen AmiEV

1 seat, 70 km range


Our Solution


Competitive advantages 


Low price

4 times less than compare similar range EV

Compact design with big capacity

1 driver on wheelchair 
2 passengers 
300 kg payloads

Modular batteries from 1 to 3 units

From 100 to 300 km range with direct solar panels charging possibilities

Very low electricity consumption 

 6,5 kW/100 km 2 times less than usual EVs

Climate Impact

Clear only battery electric vehicle BEV
0 gr CO2/100 km
Very low electricity consumption average 6,5 kW/100 km
Small size and low footprint
Long lasting LFP battery
3000 cycle / 10 years 

Forecast pricing Layout


12 000

  • 200 km range
  • 2 battery block
  • 5 kWt motor
  • Green color
  • Electric ramp
  • Manual door


15 000

  • 300 km range
  • 3 battery block
  • 5 kWt motor
  • Gray color
  • Electric ramp
  • Electric door

Our Team

To make the World greener, cleaner, fairer and easier for people with disabilities – our Motivations and Drivers!

Vadym Ignatov

Founder, CEO
Chairman of Ukrainian Electromobility Association EV-UA
EcoDrive Magazine Publisher
Serial Entrepreneur

Maryna Kytina

Media & PR
Green Mobility Media Agency Founder
Presenter on TV
EV bloger

Sergij Nazarenko

Chef Designer
Automotive Designer


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